Wednesday, May 30, 2012


    I say this ,not in a spirit of harsh criticism, but in a kindly, supporting way to my many friends among the greater Southern Baptist community: you simply can't advocate flying off to terra-form Mars AND  be a good Baptist.
   It simply isn't possible --- and you would know that, if you spent as much time reading the Bible as you do secretly reading POPULAR MECHANICS.... and other such soft techno-porn.
   If God had really wanted us humans to live on Mars, don't you think HE would have planted us there, instead of Earth ?

    Do you think HE is stupid or what ?
   You really do believe in Intelligent Design and God's Creation don't you?
      You aren't just saying so in public, but in secret (in your heart of hearts) actually believing in ever upward (and ever outward)  evolutionary PROGRESS, now do you ?
     Time was when conservatives and fundamentalists were the only ones that didn't* believe in the 1950s' shiny glistening dreams of socially engineered technological utopias - now it seems they are the only two groups in society that still do.
      How the worm turns.....

  ( *At least according to William F Buckley, in the very first issue of THE NATIONAL REVIEW in 1955 - and if anyone should know 1950s American conservatives it would be he, won't it ?)

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