Friday, November 16, 2012

Martin Henry Dawson vs the American Red Cross 1940 on mixing blood of blacks , whites and slime

Heroes ????
The American Red Cross began WWII on the side of Hitler, banning the mixing of Negro blood with that of the pure white (Ayran) race when it came to blood transfusions, just as Hitler also opposed the mixing of Jewish and Ayran blood in German blood transfusions.

The idea of mixing the blood of slime and white people found appalling by 99.9999% of western doctors

The Red Cross and Hitler were probably equally opposed to the idea of mixing the blood of dirty basement wall slimy fungus with that of white Ayrans, when it came to using impure natural penicillin in systemic (in the blood stream) medications.

Dr Dawson obviously did not agree with any of this : his first patients to receive his life-saving impure natural systemic penicillin were a young black man and a young Jewish man : October 16th 1940 , New York City : the other (life-saving, not life-killing) "Manhattan Project" .....

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