Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Australians give away British Store

Mark Oliphant flew to America in a bomber to beg them to make the Atomic Bomb after British scientists had pushed its development while the American government held back.

Howard Florey flew to America in a Clipper plane to do ditto with Penicillin, a British development that the American government had also put on the back burner.

For both Australians, they did this out of strong personal conviction that it was the right thing to do.

It is true that both also did it with approval from some mid to upper level bureaucrats within the British government.

But there hadn't been anything like a full debate at the top of the British government  about the matter, before the Australians were allowed to give away the store.

If there had been, it might have led to very different decisions on what was to become so portentous to Britain's dismal post-war fate.

Try to imagine our world post-1945 if the British , not the Americans , held the whip hand in atomic bombs and penicillin.....

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