Saturday, August 8, 2009

Janus Manhattan

It is no longer the world's biggest city
but it is still the world's most important

The most power-filled city on Earth but
the most hope-filled city as well.

Home to Wall Street and Ellis Island.

Organizational birthplace of Eugenics and
home to more Jews than any other city on the planet.

The world's biggest life-ender was birthed here, as was the world's smallest (and best) lifesaver -- at the exact same time in history, in the same small neighbourhood.

The little boy and baby patricia both were born here.

Epicenter of an inhumanly endless megalopolis stretching from Portland Maine to Richmond Virginia, it is also home to hundreds of tiny ,distinctive, fiercely independent neighbourhoods.

Janus Manhattan.

The rest of the world is forced to function as any illiterate must, to become very very good at reading the face of this inscrutable giant, because the continued existence of our planet might depend on our skill at reading it correctly.

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