Monday, September 27, 2010

Dawson,Florey: wildly different colonial Edwardians

Howard Florey and Henry Dawson were both born in the mid 1890s and grew up in roughly similar upper/middle class circumstances in two small outposts of the Edwardian Era British Empire.

But both took wildly variant approaches to almost every major decision affecting people born in the Edwardian Era.

Most famously, these two Edwardian colonials differed wildly over the best way to quickly get penicillin into wide use during World War Two.

We abuse history if we read too much into the generalities of a particular era and not enough into the particularities of the individuals living in the era.

 People, not eras, after all make the choices and do the actions.

If Florey was highly 'typical' of his Era, Dawson definitely was not 'typical' at all : however he still remained, someone from that Era -
a fact we must confront head on.....

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