Thursday, April 14, 2011

WWII is a war the World won (and human hubris lost)

"Nature Bats Last" is hardly a catchphrase that originated with me.

But it is seems always to have been used in a non time-specific manner .

At least until I started this blog and website.

My unique take is this:

that World War Two marked both the high point
and  the beginning of the end for Modernist Science :
that is to say 1939-1945 marked the apogee of Modernism.

But because History is written by losers with money and tenure, WWII has been played out, for the last 70 years, as an unalloyed triumph of Allied science and modernity with the nothing-if-not
-scientific German Nazi and Tojo-era Japanese elite recast as anti-modernists.

Adorno never bought that and neither do I.

But because Mother Nature can't speak, someone has to step forward tell her side (the winner's side) of the story .

 Not seeing anyone else coming forward, I offer myself.....

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