Saturday, May 7, 2011

post MODERNITY is pre COMMENSALITY , n'est pas ?

This blog argues that while the Peak of Modernity was the New York's World's Fair of 1939, Modernity was heading for its Nadir by 1945.

But !

But still hasn't hit its nadir yet - more than sixty five years later .

Post Modernity, which is the only world that the majority of the world's population (human, plant, animal,microbe) has ever known, is a hybrid existence.

It has elements of both the older Modernist Age and the newer Commensal Age co-existing in somewhat parallel streams, rather than having the two ideologies contesting each other directly and continuously.

This blog's job, as I see it, is to hasten MODERNITY out the door.

And, of course, to hasten on Commensality, before Modernity burns up this planet and renders the whole question moot.

But there is no way I am going to sprout cliches that we are "standing on the threshold of a totally new world, etc,etc."

All my talk of "LIFE 2.0" is rhetoric, not a fact.

We are changing, we have been changing and will go on changing forever.

No revolution - no revolution truly worthy of that name - will ever be televised : it will drift in slowly like early morning fog, speaking a language of its own new invention.

We will only truly realize that it has arrived ,at the moment of its departure - in the clarity of  hindsight.

I don't know how COMMENSALITY will turn out  and I am very mindful that most future-oriented predictions throughout history have been less accurate than flipping a coin with your eyes closed.

But this blog can (and will) imagine how it might look.

That is, it will express my personal hopes for the shape of the future, without pretending they are predictions worth betting the store upon.

I truly believe that the coming into being of The Commensal Age is already happening, without much conscious action on the part of anyone to make it so.

But I also believe a single individual can help speed it along and shape its path, to the fullest that their talents will allow....

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