Thursday, June 9, 2011

What this Blog is about

Henry Dawson's tiny AKTION 4F team and his research into QUORUM BIOLOGY were hopeful first steps towards restoring sanity amid the horrors that Phaetopia released during World War Two.

I want to salute and critique other such worthy efforts - usually in the form of recommendations of books (or book-like objects such
as online PDFs of thoughtful articles ) .

Some may offer hope by (A) presenting alternatives to Phaetopia and some may offer hope by (B) simply making us more aware of the salient elements of Phaetopia, as it existed at its height and that still exist 'among us' .

This is NOT a 'book review blog'.

Book reviews only review ( ie sometimes praise, sometimes pan, sometimes only summarize)  new books ,that are currently
widely available, for sale, in commercial outlets.

Which is to say they are very much a part of the book marketing world and play by its rules.

My books might not even be books, they usually won't be new, and if out-of-print and only available in a library, may not even be for sale.

I won't recommend my own books on this blog, but I will say they will all fail the conventual book reviewers' sniff test in at least one vital area : they will be widely and permanently available, but will be available free , not sold !

They are also intended to offer hope, After Phaetopia, by method A or B, as cited above...

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