Saturday, October 27, 2012

As Brits reel from Jimmy Savile coverup scandal, Nova Scotians yawn : been there, done that, got the semen-stained T-shirt to prove it ....

Jimmy Savile "NOT GUILTY" ??
If you are a very powerful figure, someone who dines with the Queen and Prime Ministers, you can safely "interfere" with teenage girls for decades and decades and everyone in a position to do something about it will decide, on sober second thoughts ---- to do nothing at all about it.

They will do nothing, even though knowledge of your repeated sexual assaults are an "Open Secret",  known to tens of thousands of people in positions to stop it.

That includes the evil-doer's competitors and concerned friends , his/her family, the media, the police and the victims and their families.

All rendered scared shitless of  simply saying publicly what they gladly whisper at parties:  that the beloved emperor actually has no clothes when he's out sexually assaulting teenage girls.

All out of fear his/her lawyers will rip them apart in court or see to it that they 'never eat lunch in this town again'.

Nova Scotians have already seen a powerful figure sexually assault hundreds of girls and be ignored by media and police

In fact, unless Jimmy Savile had ordered endless numbers of "hits" to permanently seal all possible lips, bolder Brits would have found that that the all-powerful Jimmy was actually nothing but a hollow house of cards---- with a very low Gladwellesque "tipping point".

That is my personal experience anyway....

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