Tuesday, November 6, 2012

VWB : "Voting While Black" : the WHITE PROTESTANT drive to steal elections they can no longer win legally

The 2012 election in America was probably decided a few years ago, well before this year's $6 billion in ads and hoopla, when Republicans looked at new demographic figures and decided that the long-assured White Protestant voting majority, a fact for over 400 years, was toast.

Now White Protestants could only to continue to control America and , indirectly the world, if they stole the votes of the OTHERS.

The OTHERS include Catholics and Moslems and other faiths and all coloured/aboriginal people --- even if they are Protestant,  particularly if these OTHERS are young or poor.

Voter registration which most countries do for the voters automatically, in Republican-dominated states became an lengthy obstacle course.

Your chance to vote early, on a day of your own choosing when your work-weary feet are less sore, were reduced or eliminated. Ditto voting on line or mailing by mail from the security of your own home.

When you did finally get registered and did get a slim time window to vote, GOP middle class thugs stood around to challenge everything about you, hoping to scare you away from exercising your democratic right.

Lynching (the traditional method used to keep OTHERS than white Protestants from voting), has not yet been re-introduced. Thankfully.

(Perhaps its Plan B ?)

All this from a party and an ethnicity and religion that likes to invade nations like Iraq and see a million people killed or seriously injured, all to encourage them to vote in democratic elections !

Physician : heal yourself

Maybe America should invade itself and re-teach itself what other democracies have already learned : a society works better when all its members feel they at least had a say on an issue, even when half of them are still in disagreement about the final decision reached.

Andrew Johnson - the worst president America ever suffered through - did not accept that idea and he ensured that the wounds of the US Civil War never healed, when he encouraged wholesale voter suppression in the late 1860s, after he replace the assassinated Lincoln.

America can not - should not - lead the world's democracies until it itself , not Iraq or Afghanistan, truly learns all the rules of democracy, an ideal that it helped bring into being centuries ago....

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