Sunday, January 13, 2013

Most of the penicillin grown in its first 15 years, was wasted on useless attempts at synthesis, not used to save the dying

If my claim be wrong : show me the money !

Open all the archives on university, hospital and corporate penicillin files.

Show us the size and number of penicillin production runs, month by month, from September 1928 to September 1943 ( ie including the first four years of the war).

Then shows us the amount of penicillin units actually released for therapeutic use on human patients suffering from infections suspected of  being defeatable by penicillin,  during that same time period.

Patents, Profits and Patriotism : pick two out of the three...

I have never seen any published accounts where the responsible authorities complained about all the precious potentially life-saving penicillin that was being wasted ---- during an all-out Total War ! ----on a futile 20 year long effort to synthesize patentable profitable penicillin from PD (public domain) natural penicillin.

But there are plenty of complaints from the higher-ups about all the penicillin being wasted on saving the lives of ("useless feeders") young people dying from hitherto invariably fatal SBE  (endocarditis)......

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