Thursday, May 2, 2013

Militant atheists object not to Jesus's EXISTENCE, but to his ETHICS

Is God really dead...... or just really annoying ?

I think for most modern militant atheists (aka the ones without the gutteral accent and the thick mustache ) it is the ethics of Christianity that they find most offensive.

The shock troops of atheism, the sociobiologists, are still hard at their seek and destroy mission against the mutant genes causing altruism and compassion.

But as a lazy Christian, but christian none the less, I am perfectly willing to discover on Judgement Day a God who built a Universe like a clockworks, left behind the recovery manual for when we screw it up ( Jesus's 12 ethical steps) and then crawled behind a rock somewhere to contently die of old age.

However Christianity came across their insights, I think history better reflects their accurate assessment of the human inborn tendency to hubris than anything the collected wisdom of atheists have ever come up with....

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  1. A person doesn't have to search very hard to find atheists who are repulsed by grace, mercy and humility. Forgiveness gives them the willies and the love of enemies is seen as sheer madness. Too bad. The world simply can't do without these things.

    On the other hand, a person doesn't have to search very hard to find Christians who purport to adore these characteristics but pretty much ignore them in their daily lives.

    Ah me, humanity is such a drag.