Tuesday, July 30, 2013

WWII as a baseball game between Modernity and Reality (and 'Reality Bats Last' )

WWII was (and it wasn't) a battle royal between the belief that reality is a lot more simple and predictable than it looks at first glance and the belief that reality is much more complex and much less predictable than it looks at first glance.

Everyone big and powerful lined up in support of the first position during the war and if there were many holding the second position they held their tongues and kept quiet about it .

Or simply groused about the foolish optimism of the bigwigs, back of the front lines , to the other enlisted men, much as Willy and Joe did.

So - in one sense - there was NO battle royal over this great divide.

But - in another sense - there was a tremendous battle royal with 70 million dead and much of the world's wealth destroyed.

This is because reality, with we can give it a human like capability for a wee moment , held fast to its own opinion.

Or so it would seem.

Because almost every prediction Modernity Man made during WWII did a big belly flop and batted zero .

In this baseball game, reality batted last.

And reality consistently revealed itself to be far more complex and far less predictable than all the politicians,CEOs,editors, scientists, generals (and armchair generals) had ever suspected.....

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