Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The subterranean sewers of DARK MONEY killing our future

A long awaited peer-reviewed study out of Philadelphia's Dexel University by professor Robert Brulle tells an incredibly complex story about the largely secret way the rich and the elderly are working to destroy the world.

A world they simultaneously claim they wish to leave to their grandchildren...and to our grandchildren.

The old school of social Darwinists, those active in Henry Dawson's era, loudly and proudly proclaimed their merciless world vision of bulk and greed.

But my era's school of social Darwinists will only proclaim their faith sotto voce --- and even then largely in secret.

 They clearly fear the disapproval of someone - perhaps maybe their own dear grandchildren ?

Since this is Christmas Day, I might be permitted to tell you, just once, why I believe in a merciful Christ. 

I do , because that belief also allows me to believe in a merciless eternal Hell ---- and that some people are on Earth are going there.....

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