Monday, January 6, 2014

World over Will , 1939 - 1945 : Matter over Mind

By all contemporary accounts,  it was the lack of actual photos and movies of actual deaths (from anywhere inside the vast numbers of German concentration , POW and mass elimination camps) that prevented the many public verbal and written accounts of the Holocaust from being believed while it was happening.

After all, anti-Semitic acts and talk actually went up , not down,  in the Anglo-American world during WWII.

Many in the Allied camp - perhaps 25 % - seriously blamed the "Jew-dominated FDR government" for creating the war,  while many others accused Jews of shirking front line combat to remain home as war profiteers instead.

So it was the extensive newsreels of British or American troops examining the dead and dying , most mere skeletons, in the western concentration camps that finally got through to the Home Front doubters about the millions killed in the invisible  eastern extermination camps.

I suspect that it was less the fact of their deaths ( seventy million had already died from the war worldwide) than the pictures of their starved condition that finally got through to people.

All the detail-filled verbal and written contemporary accounts of the Holocaust , even when they came from the lips of people like Churchill  (not really regarded by anyone, not even Nazis, as 'a stooge of the Jews') were dismissed as mere artifacts of the will and the mind .

All the world's population had six long years to become used to the near total disconnect between what they could actually see at work or all around them, versus the public (verbal/written) propaganda  told about it.

But the mid to late 1945 newsreels were too long, too many and too varied to appear easily doctored  -- they were artifacts of the real world and of matter and they were readily and strongly believed.

What better proof then for my thesis that The mental Will might have started the war on all sides, but that it was The material World that actually won out in the end....?

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