Friday, July 23, 2010

Only now its "Les douze ans perdu"

People sometimes ask ,"how is my book on life in Canada's new frontier towns of the 1950s going?"

The book was called "Les dix ans trouve"  --- all about the postwar determination to make up for the years lost to the Great Depression AND World War One. 

That's right WW One - not WW Two .

Well I have abandoned that book, permanently I fear - for my new project on Martin Henry Dawson.

But do I look like a guy who wastes anything ?

Let alone someone who ever wastes research or literary scribbles.

Much of the earlier book's themes are still alive in the Dawson project -  only now the heroine is Ms Penicillin and her Great Depression lasts from the Fall of 1928 to the Fall of 1940.

In a tribute to the Broadfoot Depression classic "The Ten Lost Years" , her travails I call "The Twelve years Lost"....

read more about it over at the blog "Mo goes Po" .

(And check out that blog's fantastic collection of Martin Henry Dawson photos at "Mo goes Po" .)

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