Monday, July 12, 2010

That lowdown achin' old heart disease

This is the story of a heart disease, a metaphorical heart disease, the worst disease our world has ever seen and - hopefully - will ever see ; but one where the nominal 'patients' ended up healing the doctors.

It is also part of the perennial story of New York City , the battle between the Skyscrapers and the Sidewalkers, as old as the city itself.

It is the story of a medical pariah, a promising doctor who to most of his colleagues seemed to have gone off the rails somewhere and done about the worst thing a medical scientist could ever do, which is to 'go native'.

 A doctor who started thinking and acting less like a Disinterested Scientist and more like he was at one with his erstwhile 'clinicial material'...

Much of the climax of this story takes place in north western Harlem, over a small area of about eighty acres.

And like all the best eighty acres, it also had a mule.  His name : Martin Henry Dawson.

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