Saturday, February 11, 2012

Peaked Modernity or Piqued Modernity ?

Both, actually.

World War Two, 1939-1945, was both the Apogee and the Nadir of the Enlightenment-Modernity Project.

In '21st Century-Speak', 1945 saw Peak Modernity staring down at a long, slow, slide into oblivion.

In the early 1940s, most middle class members of world civilization supported the Modernity project, almost without question.

But the war wasn't going as predicted, on any side.

And while 'Power Over Others' isn't really intrinsic to Modernity ( Pol Pot did pretty good in that department with pre-modern shovels and sticks), Precision is truly intrinsic to Modernity.

Put simply:

   "Modernity without Precision is not Modernity".

The flustered Modernity supporters had enough self-created problems of imprecision of their own, without needing a dying doctor and his tiny team flaunting their own defiance of Modernity in everyone's face.

Martin Henry Dawson piqued Peak Modernity.

 In return, Peak Modernity supporters, when it came to write the official and semi-official histories of World War Two, never forgave him.

But our world, today, looks a lot more like his than it does theirs, so I guess he got the last laugh....

PS: a note to grammarians : I look forward to explanations to flustered writers not to confuse 'Peking Modernity' with 'Piquing Modernity'. Puns, you gotta love 'em ---- at least if you read me !

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