Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WWII's more or less UNITED Front: Neutral/Axis/Allied ...

Books about WWII published in 1945 were eager to tell readers just how very different ,morally, the Allied , Axis and Neutral Nations  all were.

Perhaps by 2025, authors will be more willing to tell us what shared values the civilized folks in the Axis, Allied and Neutral nations all had in common.

By then , almost all of the adults who ran WWII will be gone and we can be a bit more honest about the shared values that motivated all sides in the war.

 Maybe then we can admit that it was only when those shared values saw their most extreme expressions, did differences and doubts start showing up among civilized humanity .

Most of WWII's  civilized  humanity had to be forced to rediscover their common embeddedness within Nature.

This only happened under wartime necessity ,when like puppies, they had their noses rubbed into it.

But others, like Dr Martin Henry Dawson and his natural penicillin project, spent the war demonstrating that good things happen when Humanity works together with Nature .

Historians have grown ever more despondent about WWII.

They just keep discovering ever more extraordinarily evil things the Axis had intended to do, if they had been more successful
in combat, and they continue to encounter more and more evilly banal things the Allied and Neutral countries did do, during the war.

Fewer and fewer truly good news stories are emerging from the archives of this 'bad news war'.

 But I believe Dawson's story truly is good news, for all of us and for all time.

Not because of his wartime act of heroism, no matter how extraordinary it was and how beneficial it was to suffering millions.

Now I think his real, continuing, value to audiences 75 years later, is how he achieved those heroic activities, by working with Nature, not against it.

As we prepare to contest those who, still, believe Humanity is above and beyond Nature , we need stories of pioneers to cheer our hearts and give us courage.

 I believe Dawson's story will do just that....

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