Wednesday, March 14, 2012

" Commensal ---- or FRY !!!!!! "

Michael Marshall
The choice is stark --- the debate will be heated.

We must all learn to live together: all diners at Mother Nature's common table, commensal --- or we will all fry together in the upcoming global climate meltdown.

The above catchphrase sums it all up very succinctly : "Commensal ---- or FRY !!!!" *

We will all be either Commensals or Fries : just as in different situations we all seem to end up either Roundheads or Cavaliers/ Union Blue or Confederate Grey / BLUE staters or RED staters.

In the old days, say up to about 1973, the choice was equally stark and the debate equally heated.

It was about dividing Humanity's strictly limited pie.

 How much to the workers ? How much left then to the bosses ?

A Zero-Sum Game.

Dressed up in its Sunday Best, it was the battle between Socialism and Capitalism.

It even engaged future King Edward VII.

Today there is a new battle, but still over the same old pie - more or less.

Today's Humanity Pie is much bigger --- much much bigger - and that is the problem.

Its bigger but it is making us sick - and making the whole world sick - because it is so big - too big.

One side of us says that unless Mankind learns to restrain its appetites and saves a little grain for Mother Nature's Golden Goose, it will stop laying its Golden Eggs for us.

The other side says we can , in effect, live very well without natural resources, nature's species - and to be frank about it - without most other people.

Like the birds and the bees and the trees, they are all 'useless mouths' consuming what could - and should - be Modernist Man's alone.

You know where I stand on this new debate that
is riveting and dividing all of Human Society.

 I believe Science has shown for over hundred years - even if most scientists won't admit it - that all multi-celled life on Earth is highly and totally interdependent on each other and above all on the uni-celled life forms living invisibly on and around us.

Only these tiny life forms can truly see us multi-celled beings as 'useless mouths' they could well live without.

We can't say the reverse.

We multi-celled beings are all parasites , feeding off the world the microbes made viable well before we ever got here.

If we disappeared it still would be as viable - but if we got rid of ALL the microbes we ourselves won't be here very long - all of us would be dead in a few months.

Mankind's greedy environmental and climate changes won't really FRY the planet .

But it does mean, at the very least, that billions of humans would die.

At worse,we might even tip the world into a climate state where almost all but the tiniest multi-celled beings would die - leaving only the meekest of Live to inherit the Earth.

As the very last of our global corporate CEOs fries, I wonder if he (and it will be a HE for sure) will go off to 'that even hotter place' humming Alanis's tune, "isn't it ironic..."

* When the pioneers tumbled themselves
and their barn-fed pigs off the boat and into the New World's heavily-treed wilderness, they shoved their swine off into the woods to forge for themselves, telling them , "Root Hog ---- Die !!!!!".

Today, it much the same - either Mankind learns to live within Nature's means or he will fry up this Planet.

This is today's existential crisis for today's Modernist Man :
DENY... & FRY !!!

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