Friday, March 16, 2012

The paradox of our new AGE of COMMENSALITY

Our new Age of Commensality is based on Science, but not really based on Scientists.

The bulk of our scientists have given tepid lip service to the discoveries of their colleagues that form the basis for Commensality.

But they have not really accepted or fully acted upon the intellectual implications of those discoveries for their own work or their own world view.

In other words, these discoveries have become Public (published in peer reviewed journals, including all of the biggest) but they haven't become Popular (for example, taught in high school classrooms  or put front and centre in high school textbooks).

Modernity has lost its cachet in basic science but flourishes almost as strong as ever in applied science - and above all in applied technology (that warm fetid home of the NATURE-DENIERS) .

Asking school boards to teach commensality might be too much to ask.

(Somehow talking about Nature makes these so called "Evangelicals" reach for their unregistered long gun... don't know, maybe the thought that  Jesus was all for Commensality makes them 'agin it', on principle.)

But why don't High Schools at least teach "Quantum Physics for the Non Scientist" as it is the basis of all science and has been so for 100 years ?

The best place to take on the NATURE-DENIERS is probably not in the classroom.

No one is more timid and PC than a school board administrator so we best stick to more open and public forums such as blogs and at public meetings.....

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