Thursday, August 29, 2013

May the small, like the Big, always be with us....

A blog that celebrates the small, in a world that drinks the Kool-Aid of Bigness ...

We certainly don't need a new blogger celebrating the Big : the world already has seven billion mouths doing that daily.

The Big are in absolutely no danger of disappearing, certainly not from our culture and not even as a result of rapid changes in the global environment.

The small also are hardly in danger of disappearing in the world's rapidly changing environmental situation.

In fact, when the environment suddenly changes they always do much better than bigger beings : always have and always will.

But culturally, the small are very much a collection of Rodney Dangerfields : never getting anywhere near the respect they deserve.

As microbe beings too small for us to see with our naked eyes, they keep this whole biological ball of wax afloat : without them the world would be a barren chunk of rock.

Small but visible species of plants and animals are the next layer of beings that help make this rock a nice place to live for us, those human parasites at the topper-most top of the whole food , air and water chain.

Within the human species and culture, 'small' humans (aka the poor, tired and huddled) still tend to be treated with general indifference.

Small places and institutions are still quickly dismissed as yesterday's entities.

This blog , by contrast, is devoted to reminding us of the comforting safety factor that comes with the diversity and flexibility of a world with many small beings and entities all exploring different options.

It seeks also to remind us of the danger of putting all our intellectual eggs in a few Big (tired) baskets as we face a rapidly changing world.

And  it seeks to remind us of the sheer joy we get out of being immersed in an incredible variety of experience.

And it intends to warn us of the danger of returning to being gray-suited citizens of a few unitary-minded empires that all look and act and feel alike as they march eagerly towards their environmental doom....

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