Saturday, August 31, 2013

Superboard superdumb superbad

The CUPE union in Nova Scotia is right to raise an alarm over calls from two of the province's three visible registered parties to have a single Halifax based health board run all the hospitals in the rural part of the province.

Will the whole damn world, one day, be run out of one office at the UN ?

The disease of giantism and the view that bigger must mean better administration still has as many admirers today as it did in 1941 during the era (error ?) of big empires.

But Nova Scotian unionists have hardly been consistent on this issue.

When the NDP (union-supported) government tried to move some government jobs out of Halifax , to de-centralize some of these good-paying and stable jobs, unofficial blowback by union members crippled the project.

It maybe be something in union-brand Kool-aid, but sadly, union leaders would rather cut their own baby's throat than ever criticize their memberships' attitudes.

There is union democracy and there is courage and sometimes, the two must mix.....

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