Thursday, October 31, 2013

My recent electoral life

Darrell Dexter, the Nova Scotia provincial premier, totally ignored my mental telepathy request that he delay the election till the Spring of 2014.

In August, I had just started my commitment to being a full time primary care giver to an extremely lively one year old and so my commitment to her "small values" had to come before those of the adult voters in Halifax when the election was called September 7th.

So I stood for office ran than ran for it.

I was willing and eager to take part in every all-candidates -debates but there were none at all in metro and maybe one in a few rural ridings.

Apathy reigned --- many people were eager to throw out Premier Dexter and just waiting for the first day available to do so.

They didn't need speeches.

Unusually lucky for an Independent in Canadian politics, I did get a brief article about my platform in both of the province's two big papers.

Perhaps this is why I got a respectable 125 votes --- which was almost twice as much as my last outing as a Green.

(In Canada , candidates of registered parties get that fact printed on the ballot but Independents can't even use a single word to describe their philosophy).

So most independents are lucky to poll one or two percent unless they are extremely well known or running in a rural riding with low voter turnover.

Next election, in 2017, I should be able to mount a stronger effort on behalf of exalting 'small values' ...

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