Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Manhattan Project for the small

Gather 'round kiddies, as teacher tells you how America burned a hundred thousand children to a crisp, along with their mommies and daddies and grandmas.

Oh wait ---------- darn !! ------ there's a subtitle !

Ah hem.

Now children , have you ever been so sick that you have to go to the doctor ? Well sometimes children are so very sick that the doctor even comes to their house - and at top speed to.

Yes, Ava, the doctor did remember to 'always wear her seatbelt'.

Then the doctor put a big needle in the child as fast as she could - yes, Sam it did hurt, just a little  - and she saved that child's life !

That is "Pen - e - cillin" and it is wonderful : in fact , The Wonder Drug.

But in your grandmother's time, they didn't have penicillin and medicine was very very expensive and people died and their families were very sad.

But this book tells us how that all changed, for the better,  all around the whole world - thanks to some very nice brave people in Manhattan.

How many of you have passed over the big bridge into Manhattan,  en route south to Disneyworld?

Well, it all happened right there - in a little yellow lifesaving house, just next to the great grey bridge....

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