Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Agape for non-believers : its all that soppy 'Corinthian talk' at church weddings

Particularly all that stuff about  "faith, hope and charity but the greatest of these is love" that always gets so many of the wedding congregation barely sniffing back tears.

Never been to a church wedding ? Spent your live in jail ?

Well then how about that Alan Jackson country song about 9/11 , "Where were you when the world stopped turning..." - for years, it was hard to avoid hearing it, particularly if you resided in prison.

Charity and love are not really meant to be contrasted --- they are better translated from the original as   "faith, hope and agape love and the greatest of these is agape love" .

Agape love : the selfless love of everyone in the whole world - particularly putting yourself in peril while doing something compassionate for a total stranger who you don't know and suspect you won't really like.

Agape was what the dying Dr Dawson displayed for the world's dying SBEs , putting saving them above saving his own life.

Hence my book title : agape's manhattan project is more accurate than corinthians' manhattan project, but only churchy types and churchy academics are likely to get my drift --- but really , who hasn't heard about 1st Corinthians 13:13  ......

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