Monday, November 4, 2013

all Life is family : Agape's Manhattan Project

This book is about us. 

Ten billion of us, who have indirectly benefited from the efforts of a dying Manhattan doctor to save ten of his fellow beings.

They (and millions of others) were judged as having no military value to WWII. Dismissed as 'lives unworthy of life-saving penicillin'.

 That doctor didn't buy Big Pharma's excuses for penicillin's continuing scarcity, 15 years after its discovery. So he 'homebrewed' it and became the first in history to inject penicillin to save lives.

 But his efforts were frustrated and censored until patients' families and ordinary GPs started "Acting Up".

 They supported Dr Dawson's call to produce "penicillin for ALL humanity".

 His moral argument had unexpected economic consequences.

As a result of his campaign, Penicillin G is our cheapest (and hence most widely available) as well as most effective lifesaver. This in turn has given all of us a sort of Herd Immunity against once endemic bacterial diseases. 

TEN BILLION benefitting from an effort to save TEN -- one person can indeed make a real difference!

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