Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1A strong chemical purity versus dirty weak 4F 'fungus water'

Why was NATURAL (impure but totally safe*) penicillin unacceptable as a frontline live-saving medicine throughout most of the war?

Why was it treated like a 4F or a 'useless mouth' - or like a Roma or  Jew ?

Why the obsession with 'All White'  Penicillin, (the so called A1 or Aryan Penicillin) ; why the obsession with it having to be 100% pure and 100% artificially made by Man, before it was safe enough to inject into the average WASP's veins?

Why the American Red Cross obsession that no black blood be mixed with white blood before a blood transfusion was acceptable ?

Were our great great grandparents nuts or Nazis or both or what ?

Why did these High Modernists think the way they did - and why do we Partial Post Modernists find them so hard to understand or to stomach ?

And when it all begin to change from them to us, anyway ?

* Nobody ever died of impure penicillin - the rare penicillin allergy deaths only began when patients began receiving massive doses of pure penicillin----- before being tested first for a possible allergy reaction.

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