Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dying Doctor goes 'Over the Top' in WWII to save his patients

This is the plot of "MO goes PO" in "Hollywood High Concept", with the movie retitled as

"Penicillin Stat! : Dying Doctor goes 'Over the Topin WWII to save his Patients."

As his skeptical medical critics saw the situation , Henry Dawson  went completely 'Over the Top' in 1940, in his quest to save terminally ill SBE patients with his penicillium juice.

But then he had gone already 'Over the Top' in 1917 - and again in 1918 (while, by contrast, they had sat out the war ambitiously pushing ahead amid the deleted numbers of wartime grad school) so I suppose he earned the right to do the same in WWII.....

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