Friday, October 29, 2010

AGAPE penicillin: Nature Won; Modernity Zero

Sixty five years later is Einstein's famous formula still the one that best describes 1945 ?

ie  E=MC

Or was the most lasting impact of  1939-1945's MODERN-WORLD war the fact that yesterday's Big MO (Modernity) lost.

And that Nature won.

And that in 1945, out of the resulting wreckage crawled PostModernity, aka us PO folk (the baby boom generation and our children and children's children ) ?

(Sadly resigned godparents: Adorno and Horkheimer.)

IE, is  "WWII=MOgoesPO"   today's best short, short,
short but correct formulaic answer to the exam request to sum up mankind's biggest, bloodiest war ever ?

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