Wednesday, May 30, 2012

ALISON REDFORD alive , CAYDEN WOURMS dead, as DUTCH DISEASE claims new victims

      A Roman Catholic priest, Father Richard Doll, has told The Regina Leader-Post that Darren Wourms's family members had urged him not to return to his job in Fort McMurray, where his job had been taking a toll on him.
    But Darren was determined to get his engineering certificate and did return to "The Fort".
   Police had been called to his home in Airdrie, Alberta in April where his behavior had concerned his family and he was sent to hospital for a psychiatric examination and later returned home.
    This weekend, Darren 26, his wife Hayley 23, and his son Cayden 2, returned to St Walburg Saskatchewan to help plan the wedding of Darren's brother.
   Hours after attending mass, the bodies of the family of three was found in a nearby ditch, a .22 rifle near by.

   Police are not going on the record to call it a murder suicide (this is Canada after all !) but do say "they believe no one else was involved".*
    (* They have been taught in police academy to end this statement with a "pause, half turn, significant shrug of left shoulder, downward glance of eye, sincere expression of deep emotion, exit room" routine.)
   These deaths could not have come at a worst time for struggling Alberta premier Alison Redford, who has failed to overwhelmingly convince the rest of Canada that the future of Fort McMurray is so bright, that the rest of Canada should take up wearing shades.
    Some Canadians, not originally from Alberta, have been to Fort McMurray and returned, without seeing it in quite the same Panglossian glow that Mrs Redford sees it in, at least in public.
    True, jobs there pay a lot of money, but things and services also cost a lot of money: in fact, at "The Fort" , everything revolves around the mantra of : "money, money, money" .
    Some love it, some just wish they could find any sort of decent work back home in Antigonish.
   We know - all too well via TWITTER - what Alison Redford thinks of "The Fort", thanks to her responses to concerns raised by NDP Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair  about the DUTCH DISEASE.
     But as to what young Cayden Wourms ultimately would have made of it, I guess we will never know ...


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