Sunday, May 20, 2012

You can never push a denier to water: only lead him gently with a dollar sign ...

    If solar cells had been introduced at 1950s era electric utility shareholders' AGMs by CEOs proclaiming, "They'll double our profits overnight !!", they be in mass use by now.
     Thomas Edison's light bulbs* were an instant world wide hit, despite being 100 times less efficient at converting electricity into light than current solar panels are at converting light into electricity.
   100 times more efficient !!! One hundred times !!!

    But you yawn and get into your SUV - "solar panels are unproven, much like those contested claims about 'carbon pollution in the atmosphere' ."
   In fact, the problem with solar panels is that they were actually introduced as something you would have to make do with, like it or not, when Mommy Nature refuses give you any more hydrocarbon Kool-aid.
   You don't like being told what to do (or even worse) being told you can't do everything.
    Who can blame you?  Your doting parents, teachers and politicians never told you anything like that, growing up .....

      * Readily available solar panels' efficiency - typical case - are currently about 15%. Edison's typical early light bulb was .15% efficient.
     Both have gotten a lot better from their earliest days - but marvel at how high the initial solar panel efficiency was - versus the hostility to it from the deniers,birthers, flat-earthers, tea partiers.
   The Sky Gods and Deny-Me-Nots and SF fans are not to be placated by mere Mammon, unless and until it also re-affirms their right to do whatever, whenever,however, wherever they want : they still are in denial , still claiming that human potential throughout our vast universe is essentially limitless.


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