Thursday, April 11, 2013

a frank Polk in the eye of American media : award for truth-telling named after a serial liar...

There is no higher award for professional journalistic truth-telling than the annual GEORGE POLK AWARDS, named after an American reporter who was murdered under mysterious circumstances in civil war torn post-war Greece.

Awkward then that an amateur historian, Richard B Frank, has uncovered that George Polk totally faked his heroic war record as a pilot , created a long trail of mendacity that got him this prized overseas truth-telling job in the first place !

Hundreds of mainstream media that know of Frank's extensive investigative work on Polk have declined to report upon it.

What they have done instead is highly praise Frank's prize winning book on Guadalcanal, a book where Polk is a featured participant : as a ground crew officer.

Praise is all very wonderful, but as an amateur historian myself, I'd rather journalists read my book and damned this account of Polk the ground crew officer, then not read it and still praise it .

Finally a small national alternative media outlet published Frank's account and his supporting documents.

But still nothing from America's mainstream media (and nothing from its ever loyal, ever flaccid, running-lapdog-of-the-north that I could find either) ....

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