Saturday, April 27, 2013

Frank Vertosick : the genius within even the smallest and weakest

I would like to highly recommend you read a book by the neuro-surgeon and author Frank Vertosick, The Genius Within, which makes it clear that while the mighty might indeed be wise, the weak are by no means always foolish.

Individually, nothing and nobody, from sub-atomic particles, human brain cells to bacteria and ants are particularly noteworthy in the area of intelligence.

Doubt me in the case of humans ? Then why not throw your newborn baby out in the woods and let it fend for itself from birth.....

But as bundles of information gathering linkages in all directions,  networks frequently react intelligently to the external environment in ways that enhance their continued survival and success.

Put in other words, their reaction to external threats and potentialities is more successful than mere dumb luck averages should allow.

Sounds like intelligent responses to me......

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