Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dawson,Humphrey & Chisholm : the three Canadians who helped formulate the final Allied 'war aims'

Dawson, Humphrey & Chisholm sounds like - to Atlantic Canadians of a certain age - more like a small town firm of accountants or insurance agents than a trio of 1940s Canadians who changed the world as we know it very much for the better.

Henry Dawson
Nova Scotia born Henry Dawson is surely no stranger to the pages of this blog.

His October 1940 war aims (that the single best way to beat the Nazis was in contrasting publicly how we treated our least and weakest members with their ruthlessness towards the weak)  had by October 1943 started to become a solid part of the Allied Nations' new war aims.

John Humphrey
John Humphrey, bullied as a kid in New Brunswick, grew up determined to never see anyone else bullied - and his draft of his ideas became the United Nations' Human Rights Declaration.

Brock Chisholm
G Brock Chisholm , Ontario born, was like Dawson a WWI veteran and a lifelong strong advocate of Social Medicine (as was Dawson and Humphrey) and got to put his ideas into the very genome of the World Health Organization (WHO) as its first director-general.

Canadians weren't really key to winning  WWII , but they sure were prominent in winning the peace 

Canada wasn't as important in winning WWII as it was in winning WWI, but with these three Canadians' individual efforts, it had a great role in securing the peace....

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