Friday, December 21, 2012

During the Ultimate Battle against the Nazi Evil, most of the world spent it parked in NEUTRAL

Only one nation group ( the British Commonwealth) was an combatant during the entire six years of WWII (September 1939 to September 1945) : even the original aggressor, Germany, ceased to be a combatant with its surrender early in 1945.

Every other nation on Earth - bar none - was neutral in the battle against Hitler and the Nazi Evil : for some, most or all of World War Two.

The sad fact is that most of the world's independent nations 'dog-danced' around the greatest moral crisis Humanity has ever faced.

Many independent nations were at first neutral, then supported the Axis, and then finally the Allies : depending whatever material advantage they thought they would gain moment by moment, rather than reflecting on the morality of the conflict and joining the side whose values they closest supported.

Again the British Commonwealth was the exception and it never wavered : it was opposed to Germany's invasion of its neighbours from beginning to end.

Many countries were further divided into two main camps : either over neutrality versus support for combat or between those opposed and pro the Axis.

Many of these nations had citizens fighting in organized groups both for and against the Nazis: so their nation was undergoing an form of  Civil War during the greater world war.

Some even divided like Gaul - in fact very like modern day Gaul.

In 1941, France's public divided into three parts: those who supported Vichy's official "neutrality", those who joined the French SS troops that fought for Hitler, and those members of the Free French Forces who fought against Hitler.

My math suggests that the when you divide the six years of war into the world's population of  independent states (those nations who had the power to decide for themselves whether or not they went to war), the largest lump of "people times days" was for neutrality rather than for combat on one side or the other !

The Good War ? Give me a large break !

The Korean War or the First Gulf War were good wars, where many nations promptly committed real lives and real money to quickly stop a nation from further invading its neighbour.

Parked in neutral during the most important moral conflict ever

By contrast, WWII as a Bad War - particularly in view of the moral stakes involved : which everyone agrees were the highest in all history.

Most people in the world, most of the time, did nothing to stop Hitler from invading Poland and executing its civilians (and did nothing to help all the other nations he subsequently invaded ,s beginning ten months later).

Prove me wrong : note the populations of all the independent states existing in September 1939, and then note how many days each of these independent nations were engaged in combat or parked in neutral.

(For example : Great Britain , 50 million in combat for 6 years. The United States, 135 million, in combat for 3 1/2 years. Turkey, 18 million in combat for zero years and so on.)

Ignore colonies with no real choice whether to fight or stay neutral - like India.

And deal only with nations that make a formal declaration of war, followed by a population-proportional commitment of troops into combat.

I think you will be shocked : how on earth could the Official Story of WWII be at such variance with the cold hard facts ????

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