Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Allied governments and Henry Dawson had a serious disagreement on the Allied war aims : but I happen to think that Dawson won the argument...

Superficially ,WWII came down to a physical battle between a democracy that lynched Negroes in Georgia (America) and a dictatorship that hoped to lynch Jews in Georgia ( USSR).

 But really it was much more than that.

The bigger, more permanent, conflict was the battle for the hearts and minds of the whole world, fought between the eugenic forces of modernity and the commensality forces of an emerging post-modernity.

Patient-oriented penicillin vs war-oriented penicillin

If the Allies started out talking a noble rhetoric but acting out a sort of muted Nazi "me too-ism" , by the war's end they had moved much further towards Henry Dawson's September 1940 position.

His patient-oriented penicillin was as much a moral and cultural force as it was a scientific affair...

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