Sunday, December 2, 2012

Like Germany, Howard Florey effortlessly won all the tactical battles, losing only the strategic war to Henry Dawson

Eugenics was on the side of the Big Battalions...
Howard Florey was a WWII chicken-hawk, so it little surprises that his chosen hobby-horse, Allied war medicine, was vigorously and publicly 'On the Side of the Big Battalions'.

That meant making a virtue of denying aid to dying 4Fs, to give it instead to healthy 1As.

 But as Hitler had earlier found out to his cost, this was not a position designed to win over the small battalions of the world's hearts and minds.

Dawson's Folly

Dr Dawson's 'folly' - by contrast - was to give up his own life, during a Total War against the Ultimate Evil, trying to save the lives of the 4Fs of the 4Fs, those 'useless mouths' young people with SBE.

His folly was near-universally damned by those in America's scientific and medical elite who knew of it.

Only those who the British call "the punters" : ie, the housewives, the customers and the voters all over the world, approved his idea.

They chose not to judge the Allied Cause by when it ventured into Nazi like behavior (denying aid to the weakest) but only in its better moments, as when it changed its mind and came to the aid of the SBEs' small battalions, aiding the least of these.

A small gesture perhaps, but in the end, more than enough ....

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