Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Jabbing" BIG PHARMA awake

Good things happen when you quit the shilly-shalling and "do the clinical" - ie 'stick the needle in and see what happens'.

I have said before that it was in October 1940 - the same month that Martin Henry Dawson jabbed the very first needle of antibiotics in a patient - that the American Drug Companies and the American medico-scientific establishment (NAS-NRC) finally woke up and started smelling the coffee on penicillin.

Example ?

That very month, Squibb asked for a sample of Fleming's penicillin mold from the culture collection in Peoria.

They did the smartest thing that Squibb ever did in the entire Penicillin Saga - they threw the chemists out of the building and let the mycologists get down and into it.

Don't you wish all the other labs had done ditto?

 Alexander Fleming, unfortunately, seemed to really hate mycologists - and he rarely - in public anyway - disliked anyone

Thankfully, the result was a much improved strain from Fleming's original and it was eventually called NRRL 1249. (January 1942)

All praise to Dr Geoffrey Rake and his co-workers at Squibb who never get any thanks for giving us life-saving penicillin in time for D-Day.

Instead the big losers in the penicillin affair, the chemists, have written all the official histories, blowing smoke rings so we won't see how they failed to deliver on their promises.

Other claims to the contrary,history is usually written by the losers - at least "the losers with l'argent..." *

Mycologists take a bow : thanks to you , it was natural NRRL 1249 and its offspring , 1249.B21, (December 1942) that delivered most of the penicillin produced in World War II.

The chemists just delivered papers and articles instead....

* Canadian-anglophone-only joke --- Yanks and Brits/Anzacs etc can safely ignore it

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