Wednesday, August 25, 2010

May 1944: MOdernity goes POstmodern

May 1944 is almost comically overdetermined as the Mensis Mirabilis of the wartime penicillin story.

Coghill, that unsinkable bureaucrat, pretending to admire billions and billions of units of natural penicillin intended for D-Day at Pfizer, while Hobby and John l barely stiffle wide grins.

Dawson in a triumphant re-match with Charlie at Columbia.

Florey destroys his Rube Goldberg penicillin setup at Oxford and then flies off to inspect Antipode universities' postwar educational demands.

Duhig saving lives at Brisbane with totally unpurified and totally un-synthetic penicillin in Brisbane.

 Robert B Woodward displaying his total synthesis of Quinine with the OSRD dying to go public about a similar feat for penicillin.

 Fleming ,not Florey or Dawson/John L, getting the cover of Time.

On and on and on.....

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