Friday, August 6, 2010

Roth Spots, eye doctors lead way with penicillin

All the many good claims to be "the first ever penicillin case" involved eye problems ---- even Martin Henry Dawson's SBE cases!

In this order:

Paine/Fleming ---- pen as an antiseptic.

Dawson/Fletcher ----------pen as an antibiotic.

Let us not forget that the first to "concentrate" penicillin was another eye doctor, young Doctor Ridley, under Fleming's watch back in 1929.

Karl Meyer was a biochemist in an Eye department and needed some thin excuse to go along with Dawson's plan to use penicillin to cure SBE --- a heart disease.

Dawson's excuse - even thinner - was that SBE was a sequel of Rheumatic Fever which had arthritis as one of its features and might be connected, somehow, to Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Most doctors till recently, felt the surest sign of SBE was Roth Spots, white spots, on the retina.

Curing SBE would also cure the Roth Spot eye problem....

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