Friday, August 20, 2010

more HOBBY more PEARLS

GLADYS HOBBY in 1971, chairing the editorial board of the scientific journal she founded

Of course, people wanted more pictures of Gladys Hobby.

Well there is one color one, Hobby with Fleming, but it is all too common on the web already for me to add another copy.

But here are a few more, with pearls, natch.

I haven't put out any photos of  Meyer or Hunter or Odlum as they are well represented on the web.

But women always get short shrift, in photographs as well as in life in general.

I would really like to see a photograph of Eleanor Hahnel (of GAF industries in the 1960s) aka Eleanor Chaffee, (grad of the University of Connecticut 1937).

Or a photo of Miriam Olmstead (girlfriend of Robert Goddard of rocket fame), aka Miriam Lipman, spouse of artist Michael Lipman, aka a woman who did much to make Rheumatoid Arthritis and all auto immune diseases more understandable, if not yet much more treatable.

If you can help, leave me a comment below.

Until then, enjoy a few more pictures of Gladys Hobby:

Hobby in a formal pose , age about 75

From a picture taken of Hobby with Dr Ethel Florey, the clinician-wife who rode around on her bike in the rain collecting penicillin from patients' urine while her husband ,Howard Florey, played 'find the salami' with his mistress back in his apartment-like office at the DUNN ---- and then got most of the credit for Ethel's clinical penicillin work...ain't it always the way ?

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