Monday, September 24, 2012

Calling his voyages "out-sourcing to India", Romney and Ryan veto any more government money to 47%er Christopher Columbus

Columbus also never paid federal taxes
For the first 15 years, (1492-1507), Columbus was thought to have merely discovered a new route to India, not the entire New World.

For first 15 years, (1928-1943), Alexander Fleming was also thought to have merely discovered another useless systemic drug, not the best known, best loved, most priceless medication ever.

Penicillin and the Americas : who would have ever thought that they shared a common fate : discovered to be one (relatively useless) thing by one person, only to re-evaluated by another person as something far more marvellous altogether ?

Well that is the danger of voting and thinking like a Republican ; thinking that the world is a static place and that everything is either always useful ("makers") and or always useless ("takers").

If Ryan and Romney were sitting on the throne in Spain in the late 1490s, they would have tossed off Columbus and his requests for more government aid for sea voyages as just another waster from the useless 47% set.

When did Columbus ever pay federal income taxes ?

But if the King of Spain had taken that modern, social darwinistic,  attitude there'd be no historical  Columbus , no America , no Romney, no Ryan and no Republican party.

And won't that be a great loss to humanity .......

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