Sunday, September 9, 2012

If RON JOYCE still ran it, rural NS Tim Hortons would have WIFI

Not for RURAL Cdns
It seems, as of this date, that the closest TIM HORTONS to my family home in Seaforth Nova Scotia (the outlet in nearby Porters Lake) isn't going to get WIFI.This is a rural location and I suppose the attitude was "it doesn't really face much fast food 'n' coffee competition, so why offer WIFI to gain and hold customers, if you don't have to ?"

Pity, because while I do think that desktop computers' contribution to national work-related productivity gains has been vastly over-stated, there is no doubt that mobile computing has been a great help  in a country this vast size, in raising the nation's overall productivity.

(Dad texting Mom to say he's gotten the ham and the milk and has he forgotten anything --- and she says "Crikey, I sent you out to a store ten miles away for  baby nappies - don't dare come home without them !")

A  case of a rising tide lifting all boats - in and out of the workplace.

Forget Jesus : what would RON JOYCE do ?

I can't help feeling if rural Nova Scotia-born ( and indeed rural Nova Scotia-retired) Ron Joyce was still running Tim's,  he wouldn't dare let rural Atlantic Canadians gather the impression that Tim's regards them as second-class citizens.

Mobile computing is an extra big help to rural people who must travel much further to get services and who can't afford to waste gas (and warm the planet), by making lots of unnecessary trips.

I might have to start up a petition to Tim's, asking them to treat rural Canadians right, when it comes to delivering WIFI....

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