Thursday, September 6, 2012

VIRAL meme alert : "Deniers deny denial-conspiracy link, claim conspiracy"

WATERMELONS! Under the bed!
Trust EOR to come up with the funniest take on the whole "deniers-see-conspiracy-in-study-that-links-deniers-to-beliefs-in-conspiracy-theories".

Yes, there ARE people "watching" the deniers...

Got the MEME above in my post title, off the comments section of WTD (WATCHING THE DENIERS) .

If you are at all interested in confronting the Big Lie that denies that Man faces any physical restraints on his greed, I suggest you subscribe to WTD ....


  1. The pithy donkey does it again. Bravo EoR!

  2. Dear Lucy "J" and EOR :

    Oh POOH !

    I wish I had seen the connection: I thought "..e..or.." was something Jim would say on the Vicar of Dibbley.....

    Loved your blog post on the (non) attention played to distant floods that kill non-angry/ non-white guys.....