Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lazy HRM employees try to kill citizens, but fail to do so

Gust & sign that hit Mrs May
HRM's special event signs, made of thin sharp aluminum metal, have holes at top and bottom for a purpose - to secure them safely against gusts of wind turning them into weapons.

But those lazy, idle, useless employees who were supposed to securely tied these signs to trees on Ahern Ave, for "SWITCH DAY", were too damn brain-dead to tie the signs properly top and bottom, despite highly public warnings of possible hurricane winds drifting up to HRM on the weekend,  from a disturbance off Bermuda.

Lazy HRM workers almost cost woman an eye

Result ? Lindsay May, former school board member and wife of former Dartmouth councillor Colin May was hit in the ear by the sharp edge of one sign suddenly swinging up violently in a gust of wind.

I have video-taped the gusts catching these signs to show the speed they achieve.

I unilaterally swung one sign up and out of the way, when I could find no policeman about to set them right.

Lindsay told me,  "I feel okay now - but an inch closer and it would have been my eye that got the force instead of the very tip of my top ear lobe....."

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