Saturday, September 8, 2012

Crick's DNA Central Dogma is 80% JUNK, new 'Encode' project intimates

Crick's central Dogma is dead
Crick's simple-minded Central Dogma of DNA : that there is a single physical spot on your chromosome that encodes for bed wetting and for why some men prefer Arsenal instead of Manchester United, has been revealed to be 80% junk by the new ENCODE project.

Yes, a few rare diseases are actually caused by mutations of small physical stretches of your DNA ---- just as the newspapers claim of all diseases and all behaviors.

Poor Crick, after been loved for some many years, is now being kicked to death by his turncoat fans

But most diseases and most behaviors are the result of a complex mix cum muddle of the effects of dozens of genes and hundreds of controller DNA switches all interacting dynamically with the rest of your unique phenotype and with your unique interaction with the external environment --- things like stress, germs, chemicals, childhood falls and dietary deficiencies.

A few people have always argued for the complexity of genetic -phenotype interactions, but most geneticists and about 95% of the general public (with cliche-minded newspaper sub editors leading the charge) have always preferred simple-minded simplicity.

Now overnight, with ENCODE, all these people are now bellowing 'we always knew it wasn't that simple.'

This is largely why I am a Christian - it is so appealing to think that all these lying BSers will have to spend at least a few million years in Limbo for this bold-faced lie, that does cheer my heart so.....

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