Saturday, April 21, 2012

Asteroid miners DENY 'global commensality'

Michael Marshall
Is planet earth our best, most attractive, our least expensive (& only) lifeboat ?

Will we humans survive best by living within limits, the limits set by the need for us to accept that other life on earth has a right to be there too - in part because they keep us alive ?

Do we humans not live, in effect, on microbe poop - just as they in turn live, in part, off human poop ?

Does not all life on earth survive by living off each other's poop - dining together at one table,  via 'global commensality' in fact ?

Asteroid miners deny all this.

All that humans really need to survive and flourish in their minds  is 'minerals and mental agility' .

Mineral & Mental Autarky.

Listen up lower-archy, here is what the higher-archy is planning:

Wealthy DENIERS aren't putting their heads in the sands over our ecological crisis: they are busy putting them into spaceships, aimed far far away from our messy problems.

The 1% is busy abandoning the 99% to  our fates....

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