Monday, April 23, 2012

Please send our newest billionaires lots of flags and diseased blankets - they've got ASTEROIDS to conquer

Michael Marshall
Who owns the asteroids the billionaires are planning to mine ?

Who owns the planets they are planning to terraform?

OMG !!!!! - what if there actually  is  intelligent life out there after all ?

Relax, we AWGs (angry white guys) have all been through this before, starting about 1492.

Our intrepid space explorers will need a lot of flags and flagpoles to plant.

That is Part "A" of your plan to conquer new worlds.

But please don't forget the gifts of diseased blankets (Part "B") - that is for the intelligent-but-oh-so-gullible natives.

Lawyers here back on Earth, salivating at  fees as big as the universe itself, have already spoken on the correct legal process, as they see it: just "Name it and Claim it"  and have us file the paperwork.

That's all there is to it ---- its all there in the Prosperity Pentecostal Bible : name it and claim it, become like 'little gods' .

The 1% is not burying its head in the sand over our troubled world - they are burying their well coiffured heads in spaceships, heading far far away from here, leaving the rest of us , the 99%, to our fates.

Yep, the 1% is leaving us and going away - far,far away - forever.

Hooray !!!!!!

But like politicians, you just can't trust the 1% to keep their promises --- they will soon be back when their money runs out, lobbying our politicians for lots of our taxpayer money.

After they've paid for a few election campaigns, you just know they'll get it too.

Earthlings, you have been forewarned......

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