Friday, April 27, 2012

AstroTurfing the upcoming HOLOCAUST

   Front Organizations, Fellow Travelers , Duped Journalists : it is all beginning to sound familiar, in a vaguely 1940s sort of way.

   Your parents might recall all those spontaneous grassroots organizations that grew up overnight like crabgrass, the Popular Front for this or that, but which always turned out to be secretly funded and organized by those "who dare not speak their name".
   The Potemkin Villages set up for easily duped reporters, where everyone was happy, everyone was always smiling.
   Well it's back ---- different whines of course, but in surprisingly old bottles.
   It's the DFHs , the dreaded DENIERS-FOR-HIRES and the LFHs (LIARS-FOR-HIRE).
   And it's all those artificial grassroots (aka astroTurfed) organizations.
   Set up by those who, in popular science terms, are furious someone might deny them their right to deny any possible curbs or limits on their desire to terraform the world and the universe for profit and glory.
   Who says that the WHITES can't learn from the REDS ?
   Massive propaganda campaigns preceded both Hitler and Stalin's efforts to kill tens of millions of their imagined enemies.
   The propaganda stakes are just as high in this century's war, still as yet, Thank God, a shouting war only.
    Citizens who accept that there are limits to humanity's powers over reality will soon be facing off against those citizens who see a technical fix for every problem that they themselves create.
   When the false majority of humanity who say "we believe that human carbon is polluting our atmosphere" starts breaking down ------after seeing the stiff new taxes on carbon required to reduce that "carbon pollution" ---- you can expect to see the emotional debate heat up faster than the atmosphere is ...

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